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 4 Classes of asana, meditation & breath

Practice with Ally in her Winter 2021 Intensive:

8  hours total of teachings, asana, meditation, & breath. 


Class 1  Organizing the Energy. Methodically align as we explore attitude, alignment and action (Icca, Jnana, & Kriya) in this practice of forward folds and valoma pranayama.

Class 2   Stitch the Heart  - A slow and intelligent built to backbends as we avoid the path of habitual movement and direct action towards where needs the most healing. With valoma pranayama, meditation and savasana. 

Class 3   Steady the Waters - Mix up the flow, churn the energy, and then steady the waters. This 2 hour practice is slow and steady with an emphasis on various breathing practices and a longer meditation.

Class 4 - Integration - A dynamic flow class, arm balances and twists, with a long heart-coherence meditation & savasana.

Mountain Fog


This course includes practical and progressive teachings on how to begin or deepen your practice of mindfulness and meditation. This program methodically teaches and explains the essential and subtler aspects of the nature of the mind. 



10 audio meditations: non-judgmental awareness, breath and presence, building your witness, equanimous mind, loving what is, gratitude, forgiveness, accessing the heart.

9 audio lectures include: why meditation works (from the scientific to the spiritual), how to best build and implement a daily practice of mindfulness and self-study, open mind/open heart, and practical questions from a group of people ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners on how to access more choice, authenticity and release of the past. 


This hour and a half long program is from the Embodied Yoga Summit where Ally teaches the theory and practical approach to the 4 Qualities of the Heart as laid out in yogic teachings. Included are 3 meditations on how to observe yourself with less judgement, how to build sympathy and delight, and how an open and observed mind will create the experience of an open heart.


Bought as a package of 6 each meditation is 20-30 minutes and focuses on blessing the energy centers for: choice, safety, love, health, wealth, and self-expression.

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