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April Weekend Immersion

April 14-16th, 2023

Friday 14th 7-9 pm | Saturday 15th 11 am-1 pm | Sunday 16th 7-9 pm *EST*

Your heart sees by its own light.
In meditation, adore the subtle fire
The light that you see by
Is the light that comes from inside
~ The Radiance Sutras

A weekend immersion of teachings and practices to explore the Immoveable Place inside each of us and the subtle fire needed to become still enough to touch it. Breath, asana and meditation practices included in all 3 sessions. All levels welcome.

$120 - All sessions recorded & sent immediately after each session

Meditation Series:
Cultivating a Mind You Can Trust

June 2023 - TBA 

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Live Seminar Series @ Love Supreme Projects

June - Date TBA
Price: $100 full program ($30 per session)

This 8-hour event is for both brand new and more established practitioners of meditation and self-study. Each week, you will be provided practical and valuable techniques to build more attention, focus and choice. We will use breath practices, theory talks, and mindfulness to help shift incessant thinking to presence and inner-criticism to self-awareness. All sessions will be recorded.

Week 1 - Using mindfulness and breath, we explore techniques to build focus and attention.

Week 2 - Discussion and practices are geared towards demystifying and understand the power of presence.

Week 3 - Tools and teachings to help build more awareness of your body, mind and emotions.

Week 4 - This session is geared towards contemplative practices to help you with stressful thoughts and strong emotions.

You can drop in individually or we recommend taking all 4 to take your practice to a new level.

Open to all levels.

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Mountain Horse Retreat
Pemberton, British Columbia | September 20th-24th, 2023


Sept 20th-24th 2023 

Join Kitt Redhead & Ally Bogard on a truly unique adventure, high in the British Columbian wilderness.

We will spend 2 nights acclimating and practicing yoga at the beautiful Ancient Cedars Lodge before we set out for 3 days of high alpine riding in Pemberton, BC.

An intimate crew will travel by horseback through mountain passes and river crossings at the height of the fall color change. The Copper Cayuse outfit is as comfortable as it gets when camping in the backcountry. Their world-class wrangers will turn those with no experience into a proper cowboy(girl), and give those with plenty of experience an exceptional adventure.

$2700 USD  - email for details, information & schedule. 



Year Long Programming with Sky Ting


Throughout 2023, SKY TING & Upwards are teaming up to offer, Become: A four-part series to help you live your yoga.  Each of the four programs are designed to help you: train your mind (MIND), understand the messages of your body (BODY),  heal and awaken your heart  (HEART) and elevate your spirit (SPIRIT). 

Every day for 21-days, the modules will assist one to integrate yoga, meditation and self- inquiry into daily life and guide you into a deeper understanding of how your yoga practice can impact your full self. Modules can be purchased separately.

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